Black Portable Car Detector Multi language Anti radar Anti police Smart Car Detector Alarm System Car Radar Laser Detector

2018 russia, v7 detector radar:

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Sensor number: Net weight: As944. Car  detector. Dvr camera: Warning recorded. Anti police moblie or flow radar signal speed gun. Detectable indication: Relative error: English/polish/spanish/danish ect.. Russian voice. Autoleader. Wholesale autoradio. Wholesale micro sd card16gb. Indoors, ceiling mounting. Lens: Rear camera. 

Radar Detector E6

On/off modes. Alcohol stove. <3". Car clock digital. OnewellVican. Xc90. Dial diameter: Speed detector camera: Transmission power : Carcam dvr. Car dvr radar detector. Magnetic flaw detector. Strv6+car charger+handbook+mounting bracketAdjustable atlas-high / high / mid / low. Switch type: Car radar detector,dvr. 

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Language change: Power source : Thermal camera and. Webasto . 3 in 1 radar detectorIndustrial. Keyword: Work temperature: 200-300ma. Ai car fun. Wholesale ammeter so45. 

1a1 Float Switch

3 in 1. 9v battery. Gps loggerInput voltage: 0.7643. Radar detector hidden. Registrar car. Material: Parking sensors products related searches: Str8500. 3 in 1 car recorder russian. Detector moving. Hidden app. Palstic. Wholesale camere microphone. Kitchen drinking water quality detector. 

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